Tracheal care accessories

Shiley Decannulation Plug Size 4 Each 4DCP

Shiley Decannulation Plug is to be used with Fenestrated Cuffed Tracheostomy Tubes (Code 4FEN), Reusable...

USD 8.99

Hudson RCI Adapters Elbow Adaptor Standard 22mm I.D. X 22mm O.D. 50 Case 1641

Hudson RCI Adaptors are designed to connect corrugated and supply tubing and can be used in various medical...

USD 39.99

Boston Laryngotec Kombi Stoma Button Size 9 9mm I.D. x 12mm O.D With Eyelets Each 1595009

Boston Laryngotec Kombi Stoma Button is made of flexible silicone that helps to keep the tracheostoma...

USD 191.99