24mm x 50M Yellow Multi-surface Painter Masking Tape Decorative Adhesive Sticker

USD 5.19

Description: 24mm x 50M Multi-surface Painter Masking Tape Decorative Adhesive Sticker Yellow Specifications: 1.Name: Masking Tape 2.Color: Yellow 3.Material: Paper 4.Width: 24mm 5.Total Length: Apprex. 50m 6.Product Size: 118x24mm 7.Long-term Temperature Tolerance: 60 8.Adhesive: Rubber Features: 1.50M Yellow Multi-surface Painter Masking Tape Decorative Adhesive Sticker 2.This Yellow painter's tape is ideal for masking a variety of surfaces, and is perfect for both basic and advanced paint projects. 3.Apply to furniture, interior decoration, painting, shelter, car beauty, office, packaging, logo, etc. 4.Can be written, easy to tear, without leaving residual glue, easy to use. 5.Painter's tape features medium adhesion, and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days and seven days in direct sunlight. Usage: Step 1: Choose the right tape.(Note: Painter's tape comes in four different grades, from medium adhesion to low adhesion, textured surface and pre-cut repeating patterns. The kind of room you're painting, the surface type and other factors can make a big difference in your results.) Step 2: Clear away room clutter, window treatments, socket and light covers, furniture, and anything else that will get in your way as you paint. Step 3: Once you've cleaned and dried your painting surface and masked the area, make sure to eliminate any gaps along the tape edge that may occur due to light texture, bumps on the surface or uneven application. After painting, remove the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle while the paint is still wet. Note: Avoid use on freshly painted walls, drywall, wallpaper and other delicate surfaces. Package Included: 1x Yellow Masking Tape More Details: