Adult Deluxe The Flash Costume

USD 59.99

Have you have been thinking lately like you could use a bit more work-life balance? Are you feeling like you are chained to your desk Monday to Friday, and often doing paperwork and writing reports on the weekend? Ugh. No fun! If only you could live a life of adventure like your favorite superheroes. If only you could speed through work and rev up your leisure life. If only you could outrun time and swiftly change up your whole perspective. But being a superhero is a big responsibility, too. However, if it means that you get to wear this Adult Deluxe The Flash Costume, we think it might be just what the doctor ordered for you. The licensed costume recreates the totally cool super suit of Barry Allen--aka “The Flash.” Since The Flash is light-speed quick and totally unstoppable, channeling his energy will help you shake up your life and find a new (speedy) rhythm. This costume just may prove the best way to jumpstart your entry into the world of super-heroism. Take that, “working weekends!” Yuck. You will be outta that situation in a flash, trust us! With built in muscles, the signature lightning bolt emblem, and a molded headpiece, you will be ready to battle it out with any villain, even that evil creature called “Monday Mornings.” Just make sure that you have mastered using the Speed Force before you attempt to take on any real villains, like Zoom! After all, any new job involved a bit of a learning curve.