Alolan Meowth + Ultra Ball

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Ah, the fancy schmancy Meowth has come to the Alola region to grace us with its presence. How nice! Wait, did you know that these proud little cuties were given to the royals as pets? Yep, that's where they got that prideful look that we all know and love. Just look at those eyes, they make you want to give this kitty a silk pillow and take care of it for life!Well, you really don't have to take care of this cool cat, this feline has some serious skills. Meowth loves to pick up spare coin and has serious technician skills, maybe Meowth should take care of you! Now you can have this luxurious little kitty that's about one and a half inches tall and fits into the blue, red, and white Pokeball that hooks onto your belt loop. So if you need to take down Pikachus or little or Marreep, this is the Pokemon for you. Meowth will take them down with scratchy style!

This page contains all the information available for Alola Meowth in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon including the moves learnt. Alolan Meowth Stats, Moves, Abilities, Strength & Weakness Type Chart. Alolan Meowth Locations and complete Evolution. Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex. It evolves from Alolan Meowth when leveled up with high friendship. Contents. 1 Biology; 2 In the anime. . Alolan Persian has a body that is similar to its regular counterpart, . Ultra Sun : Although the jewel . Pokémon GO Alolan Persian is a pure type Pokémon which evolves from Alolan Meowth. Our tropical feline can only be obtained currently through the Friendship Gift system, . The Pokédex in Sun/Moon & Ultra Sun/Moon has this to say about the regional variant. Alolan Meowth Dark (high Friendship) #053 Persian Alolan Persian Dark. Although the jewel on its forehead appears to be a different color than those of Alolan Persian, . Evolve Meowth/Alolan Meowth: Ultra Sun Ultra Moon: Malie Garden: