Beistle 57580 Nautical Flag Whirls Pack of 6

USD 37.3

Decorate your room for a nautical theme with this set of five hanging Nautical Flag Whirls. Each package includes five different nautical flag icons pre-attached to metallic foil whirls that you attach to the ceiling or a light fixture. If you need some nautical theme party ideas this is a great decoration to start with. The bright bold primary colors of these mini flags match the Nautical Flag Centerpiece for an instant party tie-in. Each mini flag is designed to look like a real nautical signal flag and their meaning is printed in small lettering on the back. If you want a second hanging decoration at your nautical theme party pick up the multi color pennant banner in the 30 foot length.Nautical Flag Whirl Decorations.Each package includes five different hanging nautical flag decorations.These designs are modeled after real nautical signal flags.On the back of each flag in tiny print is the real definition."Man Over Board"."Require a Tug"."Maneuvering with Difficulty"."Dragging Anchor"."Engaged in Trawling".Each metallic whirl measures forty inches in length.Full color cardstock attached to the bottom are printed on both sides.Five (5) whirls per package.