Burndy YA34L2NT12E1 10108460 Copper Comp. Lug 500

USD 43.83

Burndy, YA34L2NT12E1, 10108460 Copper Comp. Lug, 2 Hole, w/In. Window, 500 Kcmil, 1/2" Stud Features & Benefits: Inspection window allows for visual verification that the wire has been fully inserted prior to crimping the lug Narrow tongue is designed for limited space applications Barrel is designed with an internal chamfer at the wire entry to ensure smooth insertion of the wire, preventing possible damaging of the wire strands during insertion Two hole tongue is recommended when space permits as the 2-hole feature minimizes the terminations from loosening or rotating under vibration, movement, or heat cycling Electro-tin plated unless otherwise specified to reduce galvanic corrosion (bimetallic) and resist corrosive elements Connectors are clearly marked with stamping and barrel color coding