Cleveland C16912 Q-Cobalt Taper Length Drill

USD 67.28

Cleveland, C16912, Q-Cobalt .4844" TiN Wide Land Parabolic Taper Length Drill Features: ANSI Sizes DIN 338 High Performance 135 Degree Mod Shank 38 Degree M42 Cobalt Substrate TiN Applications: Stainless Steel Tool Steel High Carbon Steel Med Carbon Steel Low Carbon Steel Cast Iron Aluminum Brass Plastic Nickel Alloys Q-Cobalt Drills: Deliver close hole tolerance for high-precision work. Use higher speeds and feeds for increased productivity. Ideal for deep-hole drilling in a wide range of materials. TiN (titanium nitride, gold color) coating offers added lubricity and hardness resulting in improved chip flow,, significantly improved wear life, and better finished hole quality. TiN coatings are used in a broad range of materials, especially ferrous materials, typically at as much as 35% greater drilling speeds than uncoated tools.

Purchase C16986 Q-Cobalt Cobalt Jobber Drill by Greenfield Cleveland at Heavy Duty Depot at the LOWEST price, (Pack of 10 pcs) Buy C15141 Q-Cobalt Screw Machine Drill by Cleveland at United Technology Trade Corp. at the BEST price This product contains Cobalt and/or Nickel and/or Lead a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Cleveland 2575T Cobalt Steel Jobbers' Length Drill Bit, Wide Land Parabolic Flute, TiN Coated, Round Shank, 135 Degree Notch Point, 31/64" (Pack of 1): Tools & Home Improvement C16811 . .2575 .81 C16812 .81 C16813 .81 C16814 .81 C16815 .81 C16816 .81 C1681