Cuisine A1717335 8 Quart Cream Oval Dutch Oven

USD 188.14

Browse our wide selection of small and big kitchen products designed keeping quality and reliability in mind. These Kitchen products are easy to use and make everyday life much convenient and comfortable. The huge range of products will leave you spoilt for choice as there is something for every need. Our products are available at convenient prices. This is designed to be reliable, durable and attractive for every home.The Chasseur 13 3/4" by 10 1/2" cream color oval dutch oven is primarily used to slowly braise or simmer. The ability of the dutch oven to evenly distribute heat makes it perfect for tenderizing any cut of meat for stews or heavy cassoulets. These ovens are easy to clean, durable and compatible with standard stovetops, induction ranges, and conventional ovens. The "Chasseur" cookware line has been enameled twice. It is first enameled in black, which seals the edges, protects against corrosion and is a primer for the color. Next it is enameled with a color, which adds durability and ensures that the oven retains its color. The enamel makes the oven easy to clean. All lid knobs are heat resistant up to 400°F. Note that all dimensions are interior and do not include handles or thickness of material. Features8 Quart Cream Oval Dutch Oven

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