Dixon Valve B5101S050CC-A 1 2

USD 154.6

Specifications Break torque: 20 in. lbs. Flow coefficient: 7 CV Features Clamp End 100% hydraulic tested / 100% inspected Field serviceable (no special tools required) Construction All wetted surfaces are sanitary finished to a Note Pressure rating (PSI), Flow Coefficient (CV) and Break Torque (in. lbs.) information supplied is based on water media at 68°F / 20°C Handle is not assembled when shipped. To order with handle assembled on the valve please request assembly in the special instructions of your order.

This data is collected so that we can provide an accurate quote or refer the individual to a Dixon distributor for a quote. Dixon Valve is a leading American supplier in the hose coupling industry, headquartered in Chestertown, MD with distribution centers around the globe. Warehouse Worker Job Opportunities in Dixon Valve & Coupling Company at Dallas, NC - USA Jobs Opportunities Goods similar to "dixon valve 13ps 600 6 pipe size abs sleeve" Dixon Valve & Coupling, TMR48 3 Male Pipe Threaded (NPT) External Swage Stem - $84.95 - buy this at USMegaStore - us-price.com