Dwyer MS-351 Magnesense Pressure Transmitter 25

USD 95.74

Dwyer, MS-351, Series MS Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter, 0-10 V output, 25" w.c. (5 kPa), wall mount. The Series MS Magnesense® Differential Pressure Transmitter is an extremely versatile transmitter for monitoring pressure and air velocity. This compact package is loaded with features such as: field selectable English or metric ranges. Along with these features, the magnetic sensing technology provides exceptional long term performance and enables the Magnesense® transmitter to be the solution for a myriad of pressure and flow applications. Applications Building pressure monitoring Duct pressure monitoring Fan velocity measurement Zone differential pressure monitoring Filter condition monitoring Features Field selectable English or Metric ranges Ability to select a square root output for use with pitot tubes and other similar flow sensors Approvals CE Approval RoHS Letter of Compliance