Ecom 6932819H ECOM D EXPERT Combustion Gas Analyzer with O2 Low CO NO NO2 NOx Sensors & Printer

USD 6961

EECOM D EXPERT Combustion Gas Analyzer with O2, Low CO, NO, NO2, NOx Sensors & printer and case Functioning as a durable handheld that easily fits in the palm of your hand or as a case mounted analyzer, the ecom-D is built with our customers in mind. Powerful magnets on the back of the analyzer allow the technician to work hands free during any combustion analysis for increased efficiency. The ecom-D utilizes the newest technology and world-class engineering to push thelimits of what is possible in compact, portable analyzers. Available with up to six sensors, this analyzer is engineered to adapt to our customers individual need, and allows for custom configuration by adding optional features suchas a thermal quick-printer for instant documentation, Wi-Fi data transfer and mini-gas cooler for better NOx efficiency at sub-10ppm levels. Features Sensors : O2, CO, NO, N02, NOx 15ft Standard Sample Line 1ft Inconel Probe (up to 1832F/1000C) CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation Condensate Trap Ambient Cooler Sample Conditioner Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Averaging Test Feature