EMT Fear Is Not An Option - Decal

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EMT Fear Is Not An Option - Decal Change the text or add your own text to this sticker. Contact us today to customize this sticker.

Anything that violates the rules of reddit.com in whole or in part and or is not in the interest of a positive . Respect that posters may have needed a lot of courage to type what they did. This is not a place where any poster should fear criticism, ridicule . At EMT school, . FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR. The emblem and lettering on this shirt is not screen printed. We use a vinyl transfer process which produces a nice crisp look. ASK US ABOUT BULK ORDERS. | eBay! Learn Chapter 3-1 - Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues (Test Questions) facts using a simple interactive process . In which of the following situations does the EMT NOT have a legal duty to act . Acting in such a way as to make another person fear immediate bodily harm is called. A . Practice Test Question #12: According to patients, what is the portion of contact with EMS they fear the most? Just a simple video I filmed for a team mate in our EMT class. "hostess"-Bailee assistants- Katie and Abi cameraman- Me, Nikki