Floral GS96023B Wallpaper Border

USD 16.99

Floral GS96023B GS96023B Wallpaper Border is 10.25 inches high and 15 feet long (4.57 meters) Collection name: Floral Wallpaper Borders Pattern repeat 20.5 inches. is the best wall border for country styled house designs. This kind of pattern is known to be flexible enough and can fit almost any kind of decor. Adding a touch of floral wallpaper border to the existing design is a well-known technique among professional designers. It will add a chic look to your home and improve the ambience. Floral borders go well with wallcoverings as well as painted walls. Specifications Backing: prepasted Material: vinyl coated washable Scrubbable Easy to apply and easy to remove Colors: Please see the image Keywords: flowers, country, Floral, wall border, Wallpaper Border