Harry Potter Child Gryffindor Skirt

USD 19.99

It's TimeYou've been dreaming about it ever since you were a wee witch. The monumental moment when the dusty, yet distinguished, Sorting Hat is placed on your head in front of a room full of equally excited witches and wizards. With your whole witch career ahead of you, this pivotal milestone unlocks your destiny setting you on a path which will allow you to reach your full potential as a sorceress.If you've dreamt about this day since forever, your heart is probably set on getting sorted into a particular house. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of the brilliant witch Hermione and her equally famous friends Harry and Ron, isn't uncommon. Impress the Sorting Hat with confidence and dedication by arriving at Hogwarts prepared. Wear this officially licensed Harry Potter Skirt and anticipate hearing a resounding"Gryffindorrrrrrrrr" as soon as the talking hat rests on your head. FUN DetailsThe Gryffindor skirt has a comfortable elastic waistband so it easily fits many shapes and sizes. The classic pleated style is reminiscent of all school uniforms while the traditional Gryffindor emblem and burgundy/gold argyle print is clearly visible on the front. A Well-Put Together WitchYou can really impress the Sorting Hat by arriving at Hogwarts wearing the matching knee-length socks and a matching tie.