Knorr Leek Recipe Mix 1.8 oz Pouches - Pack of 2

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Let's make Knorr! Recreate the traditional taste of the holiday season all year round with Knorr. A perfect accompaniment to all kinds of dishes! Knorr Leek Recipe Mix 1.8 oz pouches are available in a convenient pack of 2.

The classically delicate taste of leek is easy to add to soups, dips and more with Knorr Leek Recipe Mix. This delicious mix adds a wonderful hint of mild onion flavor to hearty dishes like Classic Potato Leek Soup. This leek soup swims upstream. Our Salmon Leek Chowder soup recipe improves the typical potato leek soup with salmon and bacon. Grab a spoon and dive in. The perfect recipe for entertaining. Skip to main . Best Spinach Dip Ever. 1k made it | 1k reviews | 36 . Very, very good. I also used the whole box of spinach. For those of you who tried onion soup & didn't like it, try leek. It's milder. Knorr's makes it, and it's usually in the same . Purchased these for a spinach dip that I like to make. The first package was fine but every package after this has been awful! The date on the package said it expires in October of 2018, but the mix is rotten and hard. Product Features Knorr Recipe Mix Leek (1.8oz) is great for making Classic Potato Leek Soup