LabTAG CL-8T1-LE Cryo-LazrTag Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers 1.77

USD 35.61

GA International also known as LabTAG CL-8T1-LE, Cryo-LazrTag Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers 1.77" x 0.79", Lemon Cryo-Lazr-Tag™ labels come in a sheet format for printing with desktop laser printers. The plastic waterproof labels are specifically designed to permanently adhere to vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers that will undergo long-term deep-freeze storage. The cryogenic labels are ideal for long term storage and biopreservation in: Liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-320.8°F / -196°C) Cryogenic freezers The deep-freeze labels are constructed from a thin thermoplastic film and cryogenic adhesive. The cryogenic tags are water-resistant, wear and tear proof; do not jam printers; resistant to autoclaving, UV and Gamma irradiation. Cryo-Lazr-Tag™ labels can be printed on with desktop laser printers or marked on with permanent markers such as our Cryomarkers™.