Lifesaver Seatbelt Cutter

USD 3.95

Cuts through tough webbing 100 times faster than scissors, making it a practical tool that everyone can benefit from owning Features high-impact construction and a hardened stainless steel blade

Lifesaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter. EMI Introduces its newly redesigned Lifesaver Plus seat belt cutter. The Lifesaver Plus features a 4-blade cartridge housed inside the body of the cutter, with easy access to quickly change blades. Lifesaver seatbelt cutter with razor sharp blade for cutting seatbelts in one stroke. Available from SP Services (UK) Ltd. LIFESAVER Seat belt cutter features hard impact plastic. Cuts through seat belt and other material quickly, easily and safely. Cuts through seat belts 100 times faster than scissors. Hardened Stainless Steel blade. Approximately 4-3/4x1-3/4 Emergency Seat Belt Cutter Lifesaver Cutters / Picks / Punch Lifesaver Seatbelt Cutter: Light weight, heavy duty, super fast! Durable, effective Seatbelt Cutter quickly slices through restraining belts, webbing, clothing, etc., with virtually no chance of cutting skin. Made of high-impact .