Odd'l Rockets Pigasus Model Rocket Kit

USD 22.5

The Pigasus is not your typical "three-fins and a nose cone" rocket. It's a two wings, four legs, and a snout rocket (and ears and glasses, too). Fly this pink piglet on a B6 or C6 engine for a squealing stable flight then watch as the porcine projectile returns to earth under its parachute. "It's a terrific pork flyer." - Ham Solo "Don't fry your bacon, fly it!" - Piggie Smalls (The Notorious P.I.G.) "Sometimes a pig isn't just a pig." - Pigmund Freud "I feel a connection to this rocket." - Kevin Bacon "Odd'l Rockets has produced a real wiener." - Col. Tom Porker "You will believe a pig can fly!" - G. Harry Swine If the Pigasus kit is "Sold Out," please don't despair. We expect another litter to arrive soon!