PCB Panel

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These Guidelines set out best practice to reduce the cost of your boards and to minimize the risk of errors arising during manufacture. Not all possible PCB design features are available on all our services. PCB panelization is one of the most essential modern tools we have when it comes to PCB manufacturing efficiency. PCB panels not only make PC manufacturing more efficient, reducing lead time, but proper PCB panel use can resolve a lot of logistical problems, including how to manufacture smaller . When your gerber is for just one design and need JLCPCB to help you to duplicate many copies onto one panel, you can use this option. You can drag across the rectangles to select then click on the panel to set how many rows and columns as shown in the image below: Guidelines for customers that opt for the Eurocircuits standard panel based on a Single PCB layout. For this option you select "eC panel by Eurocircuits In the manufacturing process of a printed circuit board, PCB penalization involves the drawing of the circuit boards on a standard PCB panel size.