Psiber PNG65 Pinger Plus+ Network IP Handheld Tester

USD 344.6

Pinger Plus+ Network IP Handheld Tester The Pinger Plus+ also identifies reversed polarity for improperly connected wire pairs and provides a Port Identification feature with selectable blink rates to identify which port on a hub or switch that a wall outlet is connected. The Pinger Plus+ is the first low cost tester to provide Gigabit testing. The Pinger Plus+ is an ideal tool for quickly testing proper LAN operation after completing a Move, Add or Change (MAC). Trouble calls are easily handled by verifying Link connection and running the comprehensive Ping test. Resolve "I can not connect to the Internet" problems with the DHCP Client mode that ensures a DHCP Server is available and displays IP address assignment. Remote office support can be provided by connecting the Pinger Plus+ to the LAN at a remote office trouble point and Pinging the tester over the Internet. Features Detect Speed and Duplex of 10/100/1000 baseTX Links Verify IP Address Assignment with the DHCP Client Test Test Connectivity Across a LAN / WAN by Transmitting/Receiving Pings Measure Packet Response Time to Determine Network Performance Capture the MAC Address of an IP Address Transmit Link Activation Signals for Port Identification Store Mulitiple Profiles Consisting of Source / Destination IP Address, Gateway Address and Subnet Mask Configure from a Web Browser or Direct Keypad Entry