Red Ninja Master Warrior Boys Costume

USD 24.99

The Ninja TrialsA word of caution: among the most difficult of paths, especially before having graduated middle school, is the way of the ninja. Bopping and weaving and darting to and fro, mastering the arts of Kung Fu, Karate, and Jiu Jitsu, weapon proficiency—it's all part of the Secrets of the Shadow. It doesn't help that there are so many weapons to master: throwing stars, of course the katana, and silence itself. Finally, you absolutely must learn to dress yourself in the proper attire, so you are feared by your enemies and respected by your fellow ninjas. By proper attire, we mean this Red Ninja Master Warrior Boys Costume! Your little dude will master the art of stealth one way or another in this costume, and best yet he'll have a blast doing it. You better keep an eye or two on him! FUN DetailsJust as silence requires attention to the details of your surroundings, the details of this costume fit the profession. This costume has everything you could need for your little ninja warrior—a solid band of elastic around the waist in case things get a little out-of-hand, an all-polyester pullover shirt with long sleeves, and a hood that covers everything but the eyes. He'll look so intimidating to any foe, but the printed lion emblem on the front really screams "don't mess with me!"Begin Your JourneySo, not only does our Red Ninja Master Warrior Boys Costume come with everything you need to begin scaling rooftops at night, it looks super cool as well. Keep in mind that we have similar costumes in different colors, perfect for the latest ninja collective to terrorize the streets. Swords are, unfortunately for him and fortunately for everyone else, absolutely not included. Best of luck on his path to ninja-dom!