Rosco Cool Ink 78177

USD 34.88

Rosco Plastic Gobo - Sunflower

The world's largest catalog of patterns for projection, including standard designs for steel, glass & plastic templates, and innovative effects glass gobos. Best Cool Ink HD Gobo in StageSpot Have your image in lights! . Rosco provides the same fast turnaround, usually just 24 hours from receiving your artwork to shipping the product, for both Cool Ink and Cool Ink HD gobos. For use in LED luminairies ONLY! Custom colorful gobos are used in virtually every lighting project: special events, corporate events, retail store lighting, theatre, film, and television. We'll take your unique design and turn it into a Cool Ink gobo. Norcostco is an authorized Rosco dealer. Developed specifically for use in cool-running LED ellipsoidals, Rosco's Cool Ink® Gobos provide an affordable alternative for customers that need full-color gobo projection of logos, monograms and more. Plastic gobo technology has been evolving since Rosco introduced the iPro Projector™ iPro Slide and iPro Slide Film. Today, LED ellipsoidals are increasingly used as image projectors in stage or event lighting designs.