Rosco GamColor Sheet 170

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Rosco GamColor #170: Dark Flesh Pink - 20" x 24" Sheet

Rosco GamColor 1555 1/8 CTO Gel Sheet [105015552024] - Gel & Filters: GamColor, deep dyed polyester color, is a superior color filter medium for use with all types of lights. Because it is deep dyed, the color will not scratch off the surface and is optically clear. The clear polyester base is . Popular cuts per sheet are . Case study on how one LD created dramatic split-color cyc washes using LEDs and traditional tungsten fixtures with Rosco filters. Rosco Filters - Prop 65 Compliance. 387.80; 06-2018; . GamColor Lighting Gel Your Rating. Quality. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 . GamColor® is deep-dyed polyester color that is linked into the polyester, not surface coated. Polyester is the most durable of the expendable color filter materials. . Lg Sheet 61cm x 65cm Page 5 of 5 Created Date: This gel-only product is a flat welded tube of Rosco color filter, made in any color from any line of Rosco gel. Quick Color Sleeves Spec Sheet. Contact Request. Please complete this form. Required Fields * . GamColor® Request a quote. Get your quote in 2 easy steps This neutral grey linear polarizing film is used in front of lights to reduce glare caused by smooth surfaces such as glass, water, paper & metallic objects