STC 2S050-3 8-3-D-V 2S050 Direct Acting 2 Way SS Solenoid Valve

USD 56.4

STC, 2S050-3/8-3-D-V, 2S050 110VAC DIN Coil 3/8" NPT Viton Seal Direct Acting 2 Way SS Solenoid Valve Features: Viton Seal 2 Way, Normally Closed (NC). Direct Acting (Poppet). Fast Response Time: < 20msec. Operating Pressure: 0 to 80 PSI. Operating Temperature: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C). Valve Body: Stainless Steel. H Class, IP65, 100% ED. ±10% of Specified voltage. DIN 43650 Form A. Air, Liquid, Oil, Water.

Service: Air, Liquid, Oil, Water 2 Way Direct Acting Normally Closed Stainless Steel Valve Body Temperature: 14 -176 °F (-10 TO 80 °C), with NBR Seal; STC 2P025A Series Industrial Grade Plastic Solenoid Valve TM S T C 1. 2 2P025A Series Plastic Solenoid Valve . 2V025 [center right] 2S050 [right] 2W040. Figure 2: Model 2P025 and 2W040 indicator arrows are on the valve body. Figure 3: Numbering shown on model 2S050, above the connectors . STC 2S012-020 Series Solenoid Valves TM S T C 1 . 1. Connect the default outlet to the connector indicated by an arrow (2P025, 2W040) or the number "1" (2S050). The default outlet on model 2V is the farther port from the armature . STC's limited warranty shall not apply, however, . STC is your source for all valves - large selectons, high quality, low cost, same day shipment. Please visit our site today. 2S050-3/8-2A-D-V StcValve 2S050 24VAC DIN Coil 3/8 NPT Viton Seal Direct Acting 2 Way SS Solenoid Valve - $56.41 - buy this at USMegaStore -