The Canary Cage Irish Pub Men T-Shirt

USD 19.99

Come for the beer. Stay for the entertainment.Sure the Canary Cage is a fine Irish pub filled with a fine selection of beer and barely edible pub-food. But that's not why you keep coming back:You're drawn to the captivating voice of the pub's hypnotic house singer.Yes her voice is smooth and sultryconveying a trained butbrokenvibrato implying deep vulnerabilityresiding just beneatha street-tough exterior.However if you test her -- if you throw a bottle on stage or ask her -- impolitely --to disrobe that soothing intoxicating voice becomes a penetrating sonic jackhammer.Made from 100% cotton ourCanary Cage Irish Pub Men's T-Shirt celebrates the legendary back-alley Irish bar and the signing "canary" caged by circumstance and a complete disdain for artistic expression.With the "black canary" emitting its captivating -- but glass-breaking -- calls and the pub's official signage this green Canary Cage t-shirt conveys a sliver of feathered beauty floating amidst the tarnished working poor.