Uniweld 263-8 A-Style 2 Piece Fast Starting Cutting Tip

USD 15.28

Uniweld, 263-8, A-Style 2 Piece Fast Starting Natural Gas/Propane Cutting Tip, 12" Cut Metal Thickness Features: Two Piece Tube Mix Use With: CA98, CA730, CA370, CA330 Cutting Attachment 30, 50, 54, 56 Hand Cutting Torches 65 Series Machine Cutting Torches Applications: Fast Starting Tip For General Hand Cutting Machine Cutting For Natural Gas and Propane, V-splines make preheats more efficient. Small tips usually have small splines, and large tips use wide V-splines. These gases require a deeper recess (CUP) between the insert and the shell to better anchor the preheat flames of those slower burning gases.