Windmill Palm - Large Palm Tree

USD 619.95

Winter resistant, tough as nail, low maintenance, slow growing, drought tolerant, easily adaptable, and awe inspiring appearance makes it the most versatile palm tree, period.

If you are searching for a tropical plant specimen that will lend ambience to your landscape and, yet, is still hardy enough to survive a frigid winter, try windmill palm. Read more here. Windmill Palms - Cold Hardy Palm Trees (Trachycarpus fortunei) Windmill Palms are one of the most cold hardy palms available. If you've always longed to grow your own palm tree in New York, but thought they were only meant to grow in tropical islands, you will find the Windmill Palm to be a dream come true. The Windmill Palm Tree grows in both northern and southern climates. Plant this stunning palm tree in your yard with the help of Willis Orchards. Order today! You can pot your Windmill Palm in a large container since it creates virtually no debris and grows well in full sun to partial sun. . Windmill Palm Trees are rapidly gaining popularity since they're so hassle-free.