Women X-Ray Skeleton Catsuit

USD 49.99

How’s She Do It?“Hey, do you drink 2% or Almond?”Prep your answer to that question, because while you’re out and about in our X-Ray Skeleton Catsuit everyone will be curious how you developed such impressive bone structure. If after years of proper nutrition and posture—and plenty of time on the yoga mat—you have been plotting a way to garner attention to your robust frame, this costume will deliver the stares of your desire. Even if all that self-care sounds like the antithesis of you, you might want to slip into this and take credit for the same great bones.FUN DETAILSThis sleek, form-fitting catsuit will show off more than your bones. Allowing you to accessorize and play with the feline idea as you see fit, the simple skeleton graphic on the front, the arms, and the legs can’t go wrong. Note here our platform boots and cat makeup! But you could just as easily go barefoot with makeup suggesting Frankenstein, or add wings or fangs or wigs. The combinations are as complex as the human anatomy! Mostly polyester, our X-Ray Skeleton Catsuit has a back zipper to make it as easy to slide into as it is to slide out of. Just make sure you use our size chart, because our conveniently placed zipper only works if your costume properly fits!Bones for Any OccasionAll hypotheticals aside, you’re a spooky goddess! And we don’t think it would be fitting for a goddess to limit herself to a single bony trope. Last year’s Frankenstein is this year’s anthropomorphic cat, we always say. Grab some facepaint or a lot of makeup, a skull mask or a set of kitty whiskers, a pair of platform shoes or knee-high boots—we wouldn’t dare tell a goddess how to show off.